Humbling Ourselves as Parents

Imitation is the highest form of flattery and it’s no secret that our kids try to mimic us in every way. They eat like we do, they try to put on their own clothes, they try to shave their face like daddy does or put on make up like mommy. Unfortunately this means they also try to copy our bad habits, like chewing our nails or yelling when we’re frustrated. Kids learn so much by just watching us, and I don’t know about you but that makes me worried. I don’t want my kids to imitate my sinful self. I’ve made so many big mistakes in my life that I never want my little ones to make.

So how do I get my kids to imitate who I do want them to? By modeling Jesus to my children. To be the parent that my babies need, I need to humble myself before God and others. I need to admit when I’m in the wrong, I need to take correction with grace, I need to be forgiving, I need to speak well of others, I need to submit to my husband, and I need to serve others with a joyful heart. Even as I write this list I’m realizing how much I’ve failed to do most of those things today. *cringe* Most of the time when I write I’m just preaching to myself, so please don’t think I’m this perfect parent who can follow this daily! I’m a HUGE sinner who still needs a lot of work and grace. 

As we strive to be more Christ-like we should be putting on the armor of God DAILY, sometimes hourly (in my case). The helmet of Salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of Faith (you know, for when your toddler starts throwing blocks), the belt of truth, the sword of the Spirit and the shoes of peace; God has already given us all the tools we need to fight the anxiety, the fear and pride we experience as parents! I know I’m not the only one terrified of not doing this whole parenting thing right. But by being faithful in the Word, and putting on the armor of God, we can be sure to humbly speak the truth of the gospel daily to our children. 

I hope you were encouraged as we dive head on into this week; I’m praying for you!


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