Double the Love Part 2

Happy hump day and welcome back for part two! I hope part one eased your mind a little about transitioning from one to two kids. There will always be hard moments, no matter how many children you have, but motherhood is such an amazing journey and you just have to trust your gut on most things! Okay, grab your coffee (or wine depending how your morning is going) and I hope you enjoy.

How do you handle a solo bedtime?

Bedtime routines around here are fairly short and sweet thankfully. Around bedtime I will put Emma down in her swing so that I can make Luke’s sippy cup, get him dressed in pajamas and a new diaper. Afterwards we all sit on the couch while I nurse Emma and read Luke a story book. Luke will then finish his sippy sometime after and just calmly chills there with his blanket and cup until I finish nursing Emma; occasionally he’ll get up and play with some toys but that’s rare. Then I put Emma back into the swing, take Luke to his bathroom to brush his teeth, then we go to his room where I give him his hugs and kisses, then gently get him situated in bed. We started to get more lax and simple about his bedtime routine when I was pregnant with Emma, which has been a huge blessing because he doesn’t desperately need a very strict bedtime routine in order to fall asleep. Plus, he only gets milk in his sippy cup right before nap and bedtime so when we give it to him he knows it’s almost time to sleep!

You’re probably wondering where bath time fits into our schedule; I switched Luke to taking morning baths and he doesn’t get them before bed unless he absolutely needs one. It made solo bedtime around here much smoother and he is so happy to take his bath and then start his day!

How do you make sure you get some time of refreshment?

I think this one is the hardest thing for all moms. My biggest recommendation is to just take it, don’t try to schedule it and then skip when that time frame falls apart (because with little ones it probably will!), when you have a spare 15 minutes do something to refresh you! Leave those dishes to rest in the sink for just a little longer and take some “me” time. I personally try to get up early every day so that I can have my devotions before the kiddos wake up and while that doesn’t always happen, it’s amazing when it does so I try hard to make it happen! On days when the kids get up early then I would say my biggest time of refreshment is nap time; I like to keep the house quiet, catch up on my devotions if I need to, read a book on my Kindle and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. If Rob is home and Emma is being good then I will put her in the swing in his office while I go enjoy a bath or just some alone time in general. It doesn’t take too much to recharge me!

My biggest accomplishment is when I learned to refresh myself and have ‘not so quiet, quiet time’ even when Luke is quietly playing by himself. My time with God doesn’t need to be completely silent, just embrace Him no matter your surroundings!

What does your daily schedule look like?

Now this is my most optimal and basic, weekday schedule but it varies! Just keep in mind that we’re morning people in this family so a lot happens before 10am.

0600 I wake up, get ready, make coffee and have my quiet time

0700 Luke wakes up. We’ll gather the laundry and start it

0715/0730 Luke and I empty the dishwasher and then I make breakfast for everyone, usually eggs and toast because it’s quick. If I’m doing a crockpot meal for dinner this is usually when I throw it in!

0730 If Luke gets a bath this is usually when it happens and I give the bathrooms a quick wipe down while we’re in there.

0800 Throw in the laundry. And Emma is generally waking by now and I’ll feed her while Luke usually runs around outside or I sit and read him books

0815 I will generally start to think about the errands I need to run and as long as none of the stores I need to hit open at 10, then we start getting ready to head out. Sometimes this is also when I start getting myself dressed!

0845 We generally head out to the grocery store/Target/wherever because practically no one else is awake or out so we practically have all the stores to ourselves! I know, I’m crazy for going out that early, lol.

0915 If we have any activities for the day like mom’s groups or story time then this is usually when we start to get ready or head out for them. Keep your routine for leaving the house simple, wait to throw some make up on until the kids are buckled, put their shoes on after their buckled, leave the diaper bag in the car unless it needs restocked (generally once a week for us), and keep a small box with extra diapers, wipes and outfits in the car for serious emergencies. Seriously, over thinking and over complicating this step just creates stress! If there are extra things you want to bring with you then set them near the door the night before. Prepare a little beforehand and you can get out the door so much more quickly!

1130 Usually back for lunch!

1230-1430 Nap time. Sometimes Luke doesn’t wake up until 3 but he is down for at least 2 hours. And my schedule for nap time really varies. Some days I can just rest and others I get things done.

1500 If we have any other last-minute/forgotten errands then we will do that. Otherwise we relax at home, build block towers, read books and do a bit of straightening.

1600 I usually start some dinner prep. I budget a lot of time since I usually get interrupted by a baby wanting to nurse or a toddler so it’s slow going.

1700/1730 We usually eat dinner. I’ll make a post later about meal planning!

1800 Luke is generally back outside or playing with his toys in the living room. This is what time I generally run the vacuum and then reload the dishwasher, clean up after dinner or nurse Emma.

1900 Bedtime for Luke. Some days we start his routine around 1845 or we lose track of time and start at 1900. Thankfully he is pretty flexible!

After he goes to bed I will play catch up on any chores I didn’t get the chance of doing, wipe down the counters and just sit quietly on the couch while Emma nurses. I’m usually in bed by 2200 but if I can get Emma to sleep then I will stay up a little longer to write. One of the biggest things I’ve learned about this season is be flexible and choose simplicity. If I’m trying to stuff my kids into this cookie cutter mold of a schedule, then we’re all going to end up frustrated and in tears at the end of the day. Try not to focus on what works for other people’s day to day life, but instead what works for YOUR family and YOUR kids. The beautiful thing about this world is that we’re all very different, and what works for some mamas just isn’t going to work for me!


How do you make some time with your spouse?

This question is really important to me, but it’s also the step in parenting where we fail the most. Unfortunately, in this season we don’t get too much alone time, or at least time without Emma there, but we take it when we can! Sometimes that means a Saturday afternoon date when both kids simultaneously nap or do a mini date night to watch a movie when Luke is in bed and Emma is napping or nursing. Your significant other is a huge part of your parenting team, prioritize time with each other and making sure the other feels loved and appreciated. Rob and I also found common hobby that we both really enjoy and made it something we can do together and as a family! Ours is photography so we read books about it together, talk about different lighting and all the techy stuff, and learn together while taking pictures of our little family. It’s been an amazing way for us to connect! Make your husband one of your best friends, you won’t regret it and you will be much better parents when you do it as a team.



Well, I pray these posts were helpful to you! If you have any other questions please put them in the comments below or send me a fb message. I would love to hear from you!




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