Raising a Bookworm

It’s no secret that we love books at our house! Luke will usually ask us to read 10-15 books a day, many of them several times over. Cultivating a love of reading in your child is no easy task and to be honest I had zero clue on how to even start, but I knew a love of reading was something I wanted to share with my kids. So today I’m going to share what I did and am still doing with my two in hopes that it will encourage you and provide some helpful tips!

I (and my mom!) started reading to Luke the day he got home from the hospital; well, truth be told I actually brought a book in my hospital bag and read one there as well. Yes, I’m that crazy of a book lady! I know what you’re thinking (because it’s what people told me)- “You’re crazy to read to a newborn! That’s a waste of time!”. But looking at bright colors, hearing you talk to them, letting them feel the different textures in some books and getting in some cuddle time with you is amazing for your child’s development. It also creates so many sweet memories for you both! Don’t be boring in the way you read books either; do different voices, make it a little bit interactive and be animated. Your kid will love  it!

We have a TON of books in our house, I really need to get more bookshelves to fit them all because so many are still in boxes after this last move. Honestly, if I had to count all the kid books the total would probably be into the hundreds; I know for a fact there are 50 in our living room alone! They sort of drive Robert nuts so he frequently will make sure I haven’t added any new ones and will hide books in different places if we’ve been reading them over and over again (haha!). We have to rotate his books out (otherwise my poor husband might lose his mind) so these are the current favorites, but next month our stack might be totally different:


  • The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen
  • “One Windy Wednesday” by Phyllis Root
  • “Duck on a Bike” by David Shannon
  • “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?” by Eric Carle
  • “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle
  • “Goose on the Loose” by Usborne
  • “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell
  • “Wiggle Waggle” by Jonathan London
  • “Belly Button Book” by Sandra Boyton
  • All of the Usborne series “That’s not my…”


A great way to learn about new and old books is story time at your local library! It’s not been an easy thing to always fit into our schedule, but it’s worth it when we can go. Plus it’s a great way to meet other mamas.

All that being said, I think one of the biggest ways to help encourage your child to read is for them to watch you enjoy books. Our kids always want to do what we’re doing- monkey see, monkey do! I know for me, in this season of motherhood, it’s so hard to sit down and just find the time to read. Right now I can only read on my kindle while nursing, but it always amazes me at how refreshing it is to take the time (and brain power) to read instead of watching tv or being on my phone. If you’re having trouble finding something to read just ask, I’d be happy to make some recommendations!

I hope this post was helpful to you! Helping your child develop a love of reading doesn’t have to be complicated or involve a ton of steps. Start simply, go slow and be consistent!

I’d love to see what books your little ones love; post a picture on social media and tag me! We’re always looking for new ones!

Happy hump day, mamas! Here is a {virtual} high five for making it half way through the week!

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