4 Toddler Approved Activities

Unless he wants to read, Luke has a hard time sitting still! He is constantly in the dirt, playing with his bouncy balls and running around. He gets bored with his toys pretty quickly, so lately I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to set up new activities for him. Some have been a total flop or only entertained him for a short period of time. But overall this has been fun to put together and here are some of our favorites!


  •  Toy Bath. Originally this was going to be ‘car wash’, but all of his cars are either wood or lost (whoops). Since he didn’t care, I just threw some random things in the water. I took an extra plastic bin from around the house, filled it with water & soap, and handed Luke a scrub brush I purchased at the Dollar Store.  He adores bubbles so this was one of his favorites! He’s brought me the bin a few more times and asked for “bubbles”. We’ll definitely be adding this to our list for those hot days he insists on being outside for.



  • Moon Sand. This one  can be super messy, but Luke loved it! I should have put it in a larger tub, but this worked in a pinch. The recipe for moon sand is an 8:1 ratio of flour to some kind of oil and then just stir together. I thought 4 cups of flour and a half cup of oil was a perfect amount, but more is also great!



  • Sensory ‘table’. I thought this wasn’t going to be a hit but I’m glad I was wrong! Just some simple rice and beans with cups to transfer into and you’re all set. I thought about this after, but an ice cube tray would be a great addition to the table! Also, it was pretty easy to sweep up the little bit he did spill, so I think I’ll use this as an indoor/rainy day activity.


water table (1 of 1)

  •  DIY water table. I had every intention of making this a much cooler water table, but life happened. Just imagine the water has food coloring in it that Luke can mix into pretty colors! Luke thought it needed a little something extra too, as you can see he is adding dirt in. Our water table was more of a muddy water table, but he thought it was the best thing ever.


Happy Monday everyone!


*I realized, after taking all the pictures on different days, that Luke was wearing the same shirt in 3 of them. Total mom fail on my part. It was either that clean shirt or Luke covered in head to toe dirt! I kept putting it on him right before pictures, then taking it off and putting it aside. At least you can see him wearing different shorts! Haha.

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