Gospel Centered Advent Calendar for Kids

Now that Luke is a little older I am so excited to start some advent traditions with him! For the longest time I thought advent just referred to those little chocolate countdown calendars that my mom refused to buy (smart lady). But it’s so much more than that! Advent is about preparing our hearts for the birth of Christ and the amazing gift that God sent us.

I really wanted to find a countdown calendar that was gospel focused, so I was thrilled to find this free one that goes along with our Jesus Storybook Bible!  If you don’t have that book yet I highly recommend adding it to your child’s library.

I cut all the pieces out and laminated them, so they’ll last longer than five minutes in my house. I plan to hang them lower on the wall with some ribbon and tiny clothes pins!

Each card has scripture to read and a corresponding redemption Bible story to read with your kids. It’s so simple and easy to add into your December routine!

I’ll be doing a few more posts on kid friendly advent activities, as well as Christmas books we’ll be enjoying this month, so keep an eye out!


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