My Journey to Health in 2017- Part 1

I wrestled with the blog post a lot over the past week. Writing and re-writing. My goal in this post is not to sound superior, not to bash others, and not to be self-righteous sounding as I share my journey to getting healthy and loosing so much weight this past year. While food has become a huge idol and status symbol in our society today, the fact we all have the luxury to wrestle and research about what kind of food we want to serve our family is a huge blessing. Many mamas around the world do not have that honor! But most importantly, the gospel doesn’t leave room for that kind of pride and superiority. When Christ died on the cross for our sins, he abolished the Leviticus laws of eating and gave us FREEDOM to choose the best way to nourish the body He gave us. So as you read this post please remember that whether you eat completely organic, in-organic, vegan, carnivores, convenience or made from scratch, if you are feeding and nourishing your family to the best of your ability then you are doing an amazing job.

My “secret” to weight loss and health is the Trim Healthy Mama plan! While I am not yet at my goal, I wanted to share what has gotten me this far. The basics of this plan (the book explains everything in more detail and the science behind it all) is balancing your blood sugar (which means no refined/processed sugar!), separating your fuel sources (healthy fats and healthy carbs; but combining when you want to gain/maintain weight), anchoring all your meals in protein, rounding out your plate with some veggies and eating every three hours. What I think is the best part of this plan? The fact that I can eat cake for breakfast AND there are no “serving sizes”- I eat until I’m full and satisfied.  And THM is not just about weight loss, it’s about getting healthy, nourishing your body and even how to maintain your weight when you’ve gotten where you wanted to!

In high school I did the whole counting calories/portion control thing and it was AWFUL. It wreaked havoc on my entire body and my hair would literally start falling out or break off after a certain point. I was extremely unhealthy. And the worst part was that I wasn’t even skinny, I was just medium sized after attempting that for 4 years. I also exercised intensively 5 days a week for two hours after school, which really made matters worse! So after having babies I knew that that wasn’t the way I wanted to lose weight. After high school, I attempted to incorporate exercise and random diets like going gluten free for a bit, going vegan, plexus, Advocare, and honestly nothing was helping. After having Luke exercise made my milk supply drop, and if you know me then you know lactation/nursing is very important to me, so I nixed that quickly! So all of that baby weight just added onto my frame and refused to leave.

If you know me, you know I over research EVERYTHING so when I finally stumbled on THM, it took me over a year of research/reading before I would even commit to trying. And it ended up being life changing. My IBS only has flare ups when I eat off plan, my anxiety is 100x more manageable, I have a ton more energy, I don’t feel like I’m on a diet (woot, food freedom!), and my hair is growing insanely fast and strong. Even if I wasn’t experiencing any weight loss I would continue eating like this because of the crazy, amazing non-scale victories I’ve experienced! This plan is more about being and getting healthy than it is focusing on a number on a scale, once you’ve achieved health that trim waistline will quickly follow. It’s also not a crash diet. In fact the authors do not promise any weight loss in your first month (I personally experienced my scale going down immediately), because some bodies need time to heal from the effect sugar had on them.

I could honestly write two or three blog posts just on the awful effects sugar is to your body. It’s inflammatory, is the root cause of so many diseases and symptoms, and can even make your body so ill that it won’t hold on to weight. Like I said, I could go on and on with this topic! But I highly recommend you do some research yourself and especially the research that the authors of THM did- it’s extremely eye opening to the toxic effects that something so normal in our society can have on our bodies.

While THM eats all the food groups God gave us, even vegans can glean some useful, slimming, information from this plan. For instance, it answers questions like- why should you care about balancing your blood sugar and how can you achieve that? Why should I separate my fuel sources to loose weight and why does every meal need to be anchored in protein- not just veggies? The authors get into the science behind everything and talk about so many of the amazing health benefits that balancing your blood sugar can give you.

So, you’re probably asking how you can get started eating that cake for breakfast. This book is a combination of the plan (a very simplified version) and a cookbook, this is just the plan book, and this one is a separate cookbook that I absolutely love and highly recommend getting if it’s in your budget.

This book is a bit lengthier it really gets into the science behind everything and I highly recommend reading it!

If Trim Healthy Mama sounds like something you want to get into then I highly recommend buying the book and jumping into the many Facebook groups out there! You’ll find a ton of helpful resources, quick on-plan recipe ideas, encouragement and numerous success stories.

Part two of this series will include a “what I eat in a typical week”, some tips I use to help me stay on plan, and possibly some of my favorite recipes. My next step in my journey is to start exercising! I’m still nailing down what program I’d like to do, but once I’ve found one that I love (and doesn’t kill me, haha) then I will share it with you all!

As you work towards your health and fitness goals this year, I hope you always remember that you are not just a number on a scale. You are so loved by God, me and your family just the way you are!




*I am not receiving any sort of compensation for my testimony. I just love how I feel and what I’ve learned, and I wanted to share it with you all!

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