My Journey to Health in 2017- Part 1

I wrestled with the blog post a lot over the past week. Writing and re-writing. My goal in this post is not to sound superior, not to bash others, and not to be self-righteous sounding as I share my journey to getting healthy and loosing so much weight this past year. While food has become… Continue reading My Journey to Health in 2017- Part 1


Gospel Centered Advent Calendar for Kids

Now that Luke is a little older I am so excited to start some advent traditions with him! For the longest time I thought advent just referred to those little chocolate countdown calendars that my mom refused to buy (smart lady). But it’s so much more than that! Advent is about preparing our hearts for… Continue reading Gospel Centered Advent Calendar for Kids

Motherhood · Toddler Life

The Dreaded Potty Training

The thought of potty training is the bane of every mother out there. And for good reason! You’re attempting to teach another tiny and generally unreasonable human being where to have their bowel movements. It’s gross, it’s frustrating, it’s just plain rough going into it. But you can do this! Just keep reminding yourself that… Continue reading The Dreaded Potty Training


A Baby Changes Everything

Would he act out? Would he be jealous? How was I ever going to be a mom of two under two? These thoughts constantly swam about my head as I prepared the house for our newest little one. In the weeks leading up to her arrival I constantly talked to Luke about babies, how he… Continue reading A Baby Changes Everything